June 19, 2024

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We’re only a few days into the new year, but Costco is already tempting members to stray from their 2024 diets with an exciting new bakery item hitting shelves right now.

Over the past couple of days, several shoppers have spotted a new Banana Nut Loaf in the retailer’s bakery section. While Costco has sold a similar Banana Pecan Loaf in the past, the new Banana Nut Loaf is topped with walnuts instead of pecans and weighs in at a whopping two pounds.

Laura Lamb, who runs the Costco fan account @costcohotfinds on Instagram, raved about the new bakery find in a post this week.

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“It’s soft, not overly sweet, and tastes homemade,” she said.

Several other Costco shoppers who commented on her post were just as enamored with the new bakery option. 

“I bought it last weekend and it was gone in my house within a day. It was so good! Apparently my boys thought so too lol,” one fan wrote.

“Best banana bread ever!!!” another said.

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Some shoppers also suggested upgrading the banana bread by warming it up and adding a schmear of cream cheese, butter, or whatever else goes well with bananas.

It tasted amazing toasted with peanut butter!” a shopper commented.

However, not every member who’s gotten their hands on a loaf has been a fan. Some customers have reported back on Reddit that the bakery item is “dry” or “just okay.” So if the new loaf has piqued your interest, you might need to sample it yourself to determine whether it’s truly worth your hard-earned dollars.

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The Banana Nut Loaf has been selling for $6.99 at warehouses where it’s been spotted, but prices may vary depending on the location. Some Costco locations also tend to receive new items earlier than others, so make sure to check directly with your local warehouse to confirm whether the Banana Nut Loaf is in stock yet.

This isn’t the only exciting new bakery item to hit Costco’s shelves in recent weeks. In late December, the retailer debuted new Almond Florentine Cookies that are drizzled with dark chocolate. The bakery treats quickly started garnering major buzz among Costco shoppers.

“These are insane. They’re thin, crispy, nutty, and hard to stop eating. They’re super delicate and just delicious,” Lamb said in an earlier Instagram post.

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