June 19, 2024

And it’s almost 3 1/2 pounds.


Is banana having an “it” moment? The simple fruit is always popular to eat on its own as a snack, and if one or two happen to get too ripe to eat, banana bread is always a crowd-pleaser. But lately it seems to us that there’s been an uptick in popular creamy banana desserts in particular.

Fans of Chick-fil-A are trying to hunt down the rumored banana pudding that tastes “like your grandma made it.” (Heads up to those of you who live in Georgia. It exists, but seemingly only in your state.) Trader Joe’s just brought back its banana pudding-flavored ice cream, and fans are calling on the grocery store not to let it disappear again.

Magnolia Bakery, the NYC hotspot known for its own worth-waiting-in-line-for version of banana pudding, recently put its recipe out into the world for anyone to make at home. Now, Costco has—seemingly for the first time—a close cousin to banana pudding that fans confirm is “DELICIOUS.”

Costco’s Banana Cream Pie

Costco’s bakery department is super popular. How could it not be with scrumptious desserts such as Mini All American Cakes With Fudge Icing, Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse Cake, or the 4-Pound Key Lime Pie?

Now, there’s a Banana Cream Pie entering the scene—weighing in at almost 3 1/2 pounds. And according to Instagram’s costcohotfinds, it is “So, so creamy and delicious.”

The pie looks like the perfect size to take to a Memorial Day picnic or any backyard barbecue throughout the summer. Some people in the comments had a problem with its large size, though. “Finally. An appropriate single serving size,” joked one, and another lamented, “3 1/2 lbs!! Why do they make everything so big?? How about just a regular size?”

And for the person who commented, “Banana Cream Pies are one of my favorites! I only want a slice or two though,” we have good news. You can freeze banana cream pie. That way, you can have a slice or two, and save the rest for another time.

“The pie is made with real bananas, a banana cream filling, and has a thick layer of caramel whipped topping. I love the butter graham cracker crust,” says Laura, the voice behind @costcohotfinds, in the video.

It looks as if the pie doesn’t have any slices of banana in it, probably because real banana slices would brown and make the pie look unappetizing. There does seem to be banana mixed into the cream filling, though.

There were plenty of “this looks sooooo good” and “I’m running not walking” to Costco comments about this fantastic-looking banana cream pie. But our favorite may have been this one from a commenter who tagged a friend with: “Meet you there and we pound this in the parking lot?”

We have one question for that commenter: Might we join you?

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