June 19, 2024

When it comes to different types of cuisine, one of the most popular around the world is Italian. Italian food has appeal around the world, around America, and right here in New Jersey. It’s no wonder that when you have a new Italian restaurant open, it becomes news. Even bigger news when it’s an outstanding new Italian restaurant.






Unsplash.com Emanuel Ekström

Unsplash.com Emanuel Ekström



Just like you, I enjoy Italian food as well. Going out to eat or at home, Italian is always a great way to go. According to the Chef’s Pencil, here are the Top 10 most popular Italian dishes:

10. Bagna Cauda

9. Ribollita

8. Prosciutto di Parma (Parma Ham)

7. Gelato (Ice cream)

6. Lasagne

5. Pesto alla Genovese

4. Gnocchi

3. Pasta

2. Pizza

1. Risotto


If you had to pick one of these dishes which one would be your favorite? Toss up between pizza and pasta? Ya, I think I’m in that same thought. I would go with pizza and pasta as my two favorites off this list.

Unsplash.com sorin popa

Unsplash.com sorin popa



Recently it came to my attention that a new article from New Jersey Digest had selected its choice for “Best New Italian Restaurant” in the Garden State. The choice, according to an article by Peter Candia, is a new Italian restaurant Fiorentini and is located in the heart of Rutherford, New Jersey. According to the restaurant website “The Italian word for ‘citizens of Florence,’ Fiorentini’s cookery and venue conjure up a contemporary eatery in the heart of Rutherford. Chef Antonio’s menu concentrates on using premium seasonal quality vegetables, sustainable seafood, and the freshest herbs, fitting flawlessly into the modern, light-filled interiors.”





In the NJ Digest piece “Chef and owner Antonio De Ieso— along with wife and general manager Brenda De Ieso— carefully curate every little thing from the water glasses made from repurposed wine bottles to the handmade pastas and delicately cooked seafood. It’s cliche to say, but the beauty is in the details— artistry that transcends even the best restaurants that the Garden State has to offer.” 

This sounds good to me and in full disclosure, I have not been to Fiorentini but after reading about this new Italian restaurant, it is on my list of places to visit in the New Year.

Have you visited Fiorentini? We would love your review, post your comments below.


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