July 19, 2024

New Starbucks cups. “No water” fees on Refreshers. Is anyone else having a hard time keeping up with all the changes at Starbucks these days? Well, prepare to add one more to the list because there’s another change that’s rumored to come soon.

According to a thread started by a Starbucks employee on Reddit, a handful of stores are testing out a new pebble-shaped ice that “looks like the ice at Sonic.”

Some people in the comments were fairly critical of the rumored change, with several people making pretty valid points about the effect this could have on drinks.

“Normally this ice IS IT!!!! But I worry that they will melt too fast in iced espresso drinks,” one person commented.

“I love that ice but it’s terrible for coffee.. melts fast and waters down the drink,” said another.

“I love it. Crushed ice is my fave. I wonder if it’ll have any impact on beverage quality. Do Frappuccinos blend the same? Does the ice melt faster for drinks like the shaken espresso? It’s interesting to me but as of right now I’m all for it because I literally would just eat a cup of crushed ice on my ten hahaha,” another user added.

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A video shared on TikTok appeared to further confirm that the pebble-shaped ice is being tested at several Starbucks locations. The TikToker even included an image of a company document that provides info on the machine that will be used to make the ice.

“Did you know? Nugget ice is a fan favorite! The new Follet Nugget Ice Machine will produce all the ice needed in your store by consistently producing throughout the day, all while using less water,” the document reads.

Like the Reddit thread, the “nugget ice” was also met with a great deal of pushback on TikTok.

“Wouldn’t the nugget ice add more space volume in the cup,” one commenter pointed out.

“YO IT’S THE GOOD CRONCHY ICE OMFG,” someone else chimed in.

Thankfully, there hasn’t been any official word yet on a change to the coffee shop’s ice. But based on all this evidence, it’s likely that nugget ice is coming soon.

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